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Janis Krakops
E-mail: hello@janiskrakops.com
Phone: +44 7 516 033 940 (UK)
2 Gwendwr Road
W14 9BG, London

Weddings start at £1500
(*all rates are in British Pounds)

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How is ‘Janis’ pronounced?

It’s YA-niss (or /jænɪs/ for you linguists). In a Latvian bar you’ll likely find one or two of us, probably in a group with some guys with equally pronounceable names like Jurgis, Viesturs or Auseklis.

How many photos do we get?

A normal shoot will result in 350 to 500 fully-edited images. A month or so after the wedding, these pictures will be ready for you to print, frame, and share far and wide.

Can I make my own prints?

Absolutely! There are plenty of companies that can easily make prints in whatever size, shape or style you can imagine. You can please the traditionalists with a beautifully bound photo album, or you could give the kids something to do by making your favourite shot into a jigsaw puzzle.

Do we get an online photo gallery?

Sure you do. The gallery is simple, secure, and optimised for viewing on all sorts of electronic devices. So you’re able to show off your amazing day anywhere, without having to lug around a photo album, which one can only assume is how they did things in the old days.

What is the deposit?

In order to secure the date I take a 25% deposit and we sign an agreement. Then, the final payment is made two weeks after your wedding day. I accept cash, bank transfer and PayPal.

What about travel costs?

Someone once said “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, and that certainly guides my work. Travelling affords us fresh perspectives and new experiences. Maybe one day travel will be recognised as a universal human good and will be free, but until then we still need to buy plane tickets.
If you’ve found a home away from home where you want to have your wedding, I require a round-trip flight, two or three nights’ hotel accommodation and a rental car. If you’ve found a beautiful spot on your doorstep (the UK), then I don’t charge any travel costs.
I’ve been lucky enough to capture amazing weddings in Iceland, the US, Faroe Islands and Scotland. Each place has its own charms and it’s my job to bring these out and to remind you why you chose your own perfect spot.

Do you have any insurance?

My cameras are like my family, but unlike my actual family I have heavily insured them. Beyond this, liability insurance is very fashionable at the moment so I wouldn’t be seen dead without it.