Iceland has always been on my travel bucket list. There was always something that fascinated about the place and when I finally got there it has been etched into my memory. Not only is it a place I always wanted to go, it is also where I got married! It was the trip Linda and I always dreamed of, just the two of us at a waterfall on a sunny day in the land of fire and ice. Beyond the wedding, I had planned a project that I’d been dreaming about for a long time.

I had also been interested in self-portrait photography, but had never had the opportunity before that trip. From the minute we landed, I knew this was the place. All of the photographs of me were taken with a timer. Running back and forth from the tripod was probably quite the scene! It was a fun challenge! I learned a lot of tips and tricks through trial and error that I will put to use when we return to Iceland in early 2017 for our one year anniversary. Stay tuned for there are a lot of adventures to come!